Generous Prize Support and assistance from our hosting store: Armada Games in Tampa Florida!
Special Thanks to Wizards of the Coast, Heroscapers.com, House Mouse Games and Wargamers HQ


Armada Games Gaming Area:  Big Tables, lots of room, cool stools to sit on.  3 maps per table with space to roll dice and lay out cards!


The first rounds begin!

Above: Rennix introduces his new figure: Finger-Man, who silently tiptoes thru the forest!

Above: Rebecca and Miss Behave would later find their girl-power facing off against each other in a violent 5th round confrontation.

Above:  When couples collide...

Above: Tor-Kul-Na spent a LOT of time racing across the map on behalf of Miss Behave.

Above: I'm Nilfheim.. No *I'm* Nilfheim... Rabbit Season.. Duck Season.. Rabbitt Season.. Duck Season!

Above: "Which way to the world's ugliest dog contest?"


Moving into the Semifinals:

Above: A war of attrition between boondocksaint and Zealot in the Semi-Final

Above: Dragon-led armies prepare to obliterate what's left of the ruins as SKT and rudyvalentine face off in the Semi-Final.

Above:  Rennis ponders a career in managing actors in musicals...


The Final!

Above: SKT and Zealot decide to duke it out for 3rd and 4th place on their own

Above:  First moves by rudyvalentine and boondocksaint

Above:  In the heat of battle, rudyvalentine and boondocksaint

Above: The mighty dragons face off as the game powers on to the finish!


Laugh Moment of the Event:

Nilfheim's new career: Broadway star in the remake of "Singing in the Rain"