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"The future is the inexorable consequences of the past.   Exalted as gods in one era, reviled as monsters in the next.  The pages of history turn; they turn, they turn, and soon enough become Legend.  And yet we remain, Ageless, Eternal, Waiting.  But what if one day there were no pages left to turn?  That last day would be the end of History, a time of revelation in which our supernatural faces would be plain for man to see.  The last day would mark the beginning of our last War against the Beast."

"Now ask yourself this single question; What if that last day were today?"

--Shade, Scourge of the Shadowen.--

It is the end of the modern world.   The myths that humanity holds dear are crumbling as ancient gods rise from their secret places to fight a final war against the forces of darkness.   A new age of legend is dawning, terrible, magical and breathtaking.


Game Design 1999 Precedence Entertainment, all rights reserved
Immortal was created by Ran Ackels, Cover Model: Claudia Christian as "Shade"

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